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My name is Sabreah and I am a 28 year old, Los Angeles based, ​freelance Make Up Artist.

When I was a teenager, make up was a fear of mine. Not because I didn't think I wouldn't look good in it but because I was in fear of damaging my skin.

At the age of 20 when I got my make up done for the first time ever at a wedding expo (right after having a child and putting myself last) it was no looking back from there.

After taking the year 2015 making myself knowledgeable on skin care and make up techniques (also a BUNCH of trial and error with products), I became confident enough to branch out as a freelance make up artist.

I have worked on countless peoples faces. I have provided my services for a fashion shows, ads, short films, web based commercials, head shots, photo shoots, agency signed models, etc.

Enhancing peoples beauty and helping to uplift someones confidence has became my passion.

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